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Leo Career Horoscope Today

Wednesday: November 17, 2021

Leo, your work/life balance may be easier to manage by now, thanks to the sun sextile Pluto. You may have had to make some adjustments, such as working from home or having familial support while working overtime. However, your focus may be more on your individualistic career path since Mars continues to oppose Uranus retrograde. The sextile allows for some give-and-take which can alleviate any strides made in your career. It may be easier to do something unexpected at work if you have a stable home life or supportive family to back you.

Leo Career Horoscope Tomorrow

Thursday: November 18, 2021

Leo, your career path and home life may have changed quite a bit over the last few days since Mars opposes Uranus retrograde. Luckily, there are two trines today that can stabilize your transition! First, Mercury trines Neptune retrograde, which allows you to communicate to your household how important your professional investments are at this time. This may smooth over any miscommunication if you have worked late hours this week! Second, Venus trines Uranus retrograde, which shows the value of your hard work. While it has been a stressful week, both of the trines will remind you how progress pays off!

Leo Career Horoscope Yesterday

Tuesday: November 16, 2021

What will you choose, Leo? As the sun continues to square Jupiter, you may feel the strain of meeting your professional obligations. Luckily, the sun now sextiles Pluto, which brings a bit of flow back into your work life. You may feel more productive with meeting your professional commitments head-on! However, Mars also opposes Uranus retrograde today, which is taking you further away from home and into your career. As you ready yourself to meet personal obligations, the opposition could have other plans. It may be a productive workday but likely not a balanced one.


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