Dates: 23 July ~ 22 August
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Leo In Career & Work

Leos are naturally talented, artistic, intelligent, brave and fearless. All these traits come in handy while choosing the perfect profession for them. In any profession, they like to be in charge. They will find it very difficult to work under someone else's dominance and authority. Thus they can be good leaders, politicians, managers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, self employed etc. This helps them to work under their own terms and conditions.

Being intelligent and creative they also have a strong inclination towards arts and drama. They can be good actors, musicians, singers, painters, writers, dancers, artists, directors and any professional in the artistic field. For them to move ahead with their work they need constant recognition and rewards. It gives them a motivation to move forward. They do not like working behind the scenes but being in the spotlight and in charge of the affairs.

As leaders or boss they can be very encouraging, supportive and caring. They can also do well in professions like doctors, chemists, architects, publicist, ministers, managers, public speaker, lawyer, consultants, salesman, motivational speaker etc. They may not be great team players because they find it hard to accept other's opinions and suggestions. However they can be very good team leaders and provide the right kind of guidance and direction to their team to achieve success.

The best way to make them more productive is by constantly recognizing them for their work and giving them rewards. They are hardworking, dedicated, sincere and honest people who take their jobs very seriously and will fulfil all their duties and responsibilities on time.


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