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Leo Horoscope Today

Saturday: June 06, 2020

Have you been playing phone tag with someone? If so, take it as a sign that you need to stop playing the game. You can always communicate another day, so stop worrying about making a connection and focus on other things. When you're meant to connect, you will. Don't worry about it right now. Pushing too hard to get something right now isn't wise. It's time to let life happen around you, like the current of a river, and just go with the flow.

Leo Horoscope Tomorrow

Sunday: June 07, 2020

One or two unexpected issues around your home could force you into a not-so-graceful juggling act today, but all the elements in your life will be fine by the end of the day. This is just a necessary realignment, that's all. Think of it as a chiropractic appointment for the spine of your organization. One quick twist will put things back in a more efficient and pleasant combination. Try to leave your schedule as open as possible to accommodate the reshuffling.

Leo Horoscope Yesterday

Friday: June 05, 2020

Get ready for some fun conversations today! Due to a rare combination of positive feedback, confidence, and coincidence, you'll be able to hold your own with a wide variety of people. You can make real connections if you step out of the autopilot mode than's so easy to slip into. Skip the comments about the weather or the weekend. Move right in to dreams, hopes, and ideas. Find out what makes people tick.


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