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Leo Horoscope Today

Tuesday: October 22, 2019

Relationship roles shift all the time—someone is always driving the agenda, while the other person is content to just go along with it. But today, you can expect a much more major tectonic shift. A friend or romantic partner is suddenly in a position to wield a lot more power over your life than usual. Whether they use it, and how they use it, is something you can influence more than you realize. So decide whether or not you want to let them take over the power position.

Leo Horoscope Tomorrow

Wednesday: October 23, 2019

Moving among many different social groups can make you feel a little flighty, but it could also make you feel popular! Embrace the fact that your company is so desirable to others right now—this might not always be the case, as people come and go throughout life. Make the most of this active social phase and try to get out as much as possible without overextending or exhausting yourself. This is a time to relax, laugh and start having fun again.

Leo Horoscope Yesterday

Monday: October 21, 2019

The issues you'll be dealing with today are very complicated ones—you will have to navigate your way through some very gray areas. You may find yourself wishing things were simpler and easier to figure out! But alas, there is no black and white—no right or wrong. Everyone and everything is much more complicated than that. So take the time to really dig into the issues and see things not just from 'both' sides, but from all sides. It will put you in a much more powerful position.


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