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Leo Horoscope Today

Saturday: August 24, 2019

You'll be at your brightest and happiest when you're learning something new today, so do yourself a favor and explore the world around you in a more curious way. Instead of just wondering how something is done, ask someone to explain it to you. Or hit the Internet for answers to whatever questions pop into your head. Do a search and satisfy that curiosity. Why put off feeding your brain when so much knowledge is right at your fingertips?

Leo Horoscope Tomorrow

Sunday: August 25, 2019

You can't guarantee the crowd will react positively when you give your presentation or break your news today. Some may react logically, while others may react emotionally. And while this might create some unpredictable energy, it is a good sign that what you had to say was important. You cannot shy away from making an impression on people—just because you fear it will be a bad one. Be bold and make your voice heard today. It is never a mistake to speak out.

Leo Horoscope Yesterday

Friday: August 23, 2019

You have a strong grasp of what you want in the future, but you will have to wait before you can get started. Luckily, your impatience will fade away later in the day when something happens that causes one of the people you care about to react emotionally or fly off the handle. Keep a cool head and you will be able to see how you can help them and help yourself at the same time. Your instincts are right on target about things, so trust them like you always do.


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