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Leo Horoscope Today

Monday: January 18, 2021

Yoy could get some good news today. In fact, it might send you over the moon! You need to be careful not to let your enthusiasm distract you too much from the business at hand, but when you get the chance you should spread the great news to the people in your life who love to celebrate with you. Send out some messages and let everyone know why you're so happy right now. You will make them happy too. They won't think you're bragging. They'll think you're sharing.

Leo Horoscope Tomorrow

Tuesday: January 19, 2021

Dreams, nostalgia, and thoughts of how great things used to be are on your mind now, and they're having a powerful effect on you. Before you get too swept up in all that nostalgia, be sure you're remembering everything correctly, with your mind and not just your heart. If you're in doubt, talk to a friend who understands you and knows what's really going on in your life. Experience is a great teacher.

Leo Horoscope Yesterday

Sunday: January 17, 2021

Everyone makes mistakes, and you're now ready to forgive someone who has wronged you. This magnanimous phase will continue for a while, enabling you to stay calm if someone steals your parking spot and just let it go if someone says something thoughtless. You have more pleasant things to think about than how to get back at someone, and you know that life's too short to always be angry about how you're not getting what you deserve. Today can be a very happy day as a result.


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