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Leo Horoscope Today

Thursday: February 21, 2019

The two sides of your life—the public and the private—need to be kept separate today. Make sure the line is black, not grey. And be very wary of people who want you to mix the two—their motivations might not be the most honorable. If you respectfully refuse an invitation, you can keep yourself from being in an awkward (and potentially negative) situation. You must protect your true self from new people right now. Don't rush to be familiar.

Leo Horoscope Tomorrow

Friday: February 22, 2019

This day goes fairly slowly for you, and it may take a circuitous route to reach completion. To keep yourself from getting lost, you should keep your ears and eyes open. Stay alert to everything going on around you and take note of the people behind closed doors—their confidential discussions probably involve you. Get ready to receive a coveted proposition to take on new responsibilities. You may feel inspired to take the ball and run with it.

Leo Horoscope Yesterday

Wednesday: February 20, 2019

Your hot new idea is burning up among your most forward-thinking friends—people like the direction you're taking things and they want to go along for the ride! Get ready for a huge increase in social traffic, as people come into and out of your life in amusing patterns. Visitors from out of town might end up staying longer than planned, but you'll be eager to extend your role as host and tour guide. You have a clear plan and the time you need to carry it out.


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