Dates: 23 July ~ 22 August
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Leo In Health

The sign of Leo horoscope rules the heart, spinal cord, liver, spleen, pulmonary arteries, back and forearm. Thus health problems related to these parts of their body is quite common in them. They have a very weak heart and chances of heart attack or other heart related diseases are quite common in them. They will also suffer through nervous tension, which might also affect the heart.

Since their element is fire, fever, jaundice and eye problems is quite common in them. They indulge in a lot of physical activity which makes them prone to strain and exhaustion. Their upper back gets easily tired than other parts of their body. They will also face pain around their throat and heart. In general Leos are healthy and robust. They have a very healthy lifestyle, however they still need to exercise some caution and do not exhaust themselves too much as it might be detrimental to their health.

Their weak heart is always the source of health problems for them. They love to live life exuberantly, thus they indulge in good food and drinks. This sometimes creates problems for their stomach. As they get older they need to be more careful of their health and eating habits.


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