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Leo Love Horoscope Today

Wednesday: November 17, 2021

Today's Love: There's a fine line between taking charge and being overly controlling, Leo. Whether you're single or already romantically attached, it's important to use your discernment during this time, as both the moon-Uranus will directly oppose audacious Mars. Moody much? Perhaps, especially those of you with emotional resentment suddenly bubbling to the surface. The key is to find an outlet for expression. The moon will also clash with Saturn — via your committed seventh house of significant others — which, in turn, reminds you that every relationship is a work in progress. On a brighter note, Luna's trine to Venus presents you with an opportunity to build upon a solid foundation.

Today's Dating: It's one of those days that demands a bit more serious business than usual, and you're up to the task. You're in an odd mood, but you're not grumpy or depressed. Remember, it can't be fun and games all the time.

Leo Love Horoscope Tomorrow

Thursday: November 18, 2021

Tomorrow's Love: Leo, your innermost feelings seem louder than words, but by that same token, you're having trouble expressing your truth. Single? Amidst Mercury's journey through your fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations, the messenger planet will directly oppose the moon via your bossy tenth house of authority. You could be struggling when it comes to taking charge of a particular situation. Then again, when considering Mercury's trine to boundless Neptune, following your intuition is your best bet. Steer away from mental fixation and/or fussy details that are triggering your insecurity. Nothing is set in stone, so go with the flow. 

Tomorrow's Dating: Who needs convincing of your point of view? Everyone! So get busy! Your persuasive skills have never been sharper. Whether you need to sell a proposal at work or convince your BFF to take a trip with you, nothing is beyond your grasp.

Leo Love Horoscope Yesterday

Tuesday: November 16, 2021

Yesterday's Love: Don't overthink the logistics, Leo. Take it day by day and go with the flow. Single and crushing? Before the moon concludes its thrill-seeking transit through your exotic ninth house of adventure, expansion, and unknown territory, it will form a challenging square to powerhouse Pluto via your responsible sixth house of due diligence. Steer away from overanalyzing the possibilities, as you are more prone to going down the rabbit hole of thought. The good news is that your majestic planetary ruler, the sun, will be in harmony with Pluto, so following your intuition is key during this time. You can succeed, but one step at a time.

Yesterday's Dating: Things are all over the place right now. No wonder you're out of sorts. It might not sound that exciting, but you'll actually feel better if you take the time to straighten out your calendar, tighten up your budget, and just generally get organized.


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