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Moon in Leo - Traits, Personality & its Meaning

Your Leo Moon means you have a sunny self-confident disposition which will be at once apparent when you are around. Other people will generally find your enthusiasm, optimism and high spirits attractive until your perhaps inflated sense of self-worth is punctured. Then you can become unbearably irate. Having the Moon in Leo you thrive on admiration and generally get it, or at least you think you do, because you find it hard to believe anyone wouldn't appreciate you and therefore interpret even indifference as praise.

You may flirt with anyone you meet in order to attract attention, at the same time as being a devoted and loyal partner in any relationship. Just beware to whom you offer your loyalty, as flattery from entirely unsuitable people can lead you into unwise affairs. A Leo Moon may be the life and soul of any party by being entertaining and dramatic in both personality and dress. If you are the host or hostess you are liable to put on a display more extravagant than you can afford. In any case your home is likely to be well designed and furnished.

If you are a mother with Moon in Leo you love your children perhaps to the extent of spoiling them, showing generosity in terms of gifts and of your time in entertaining them. You still need appreciation however, even from them, and this may manifest in a demand for obedience at all times.


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