Dates: 23 July ~ 22 August
Aries Background

Traits Personality & Characteristics

  • Motto : "I command!"
  • Color : Gold, Blue and Red
  • Planet : Sun
  • Season : Summer
  • Element : Fire
  • Quality : Immovable
  • Metal : Gold
  • Day : Sunday
  • Happy numbers : 10
  • Precious stones : Diamond, ruby, jasper, garnet
  • Compatible Zodiac Signs : Aries, Sagittarius
  • In-compatible Zodiac Signs : Libra, Cancer, Scorpio

Leo is symbolized by a lion. It is a Fixed Fire sign. The positive characteristics of a Leo are Enthusiastic, Determined, Ambitious, Creative, Generous, Dramatic, Dynamic, Loyal, Romantic, Decisive, Proud, Dignified, Warmhearted, Confident and Optimistic. Their negative characteristics are Vain, Egotistical, Childish, Overbearing, Stubborn, Status conscious, Boastful, Pretentious, Autocratic and Cruel.

Being the fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo’s are creative, generous and view life in a very optimistic manner. At the same time they are also egoistic, flamboyant and selfish. Attention seeking is what cannot be separated from the inherent traits of a Leo. Be he/she of any age or class, attention is solely what they would consciously or subconsciously aspire for.

If they wish to socialize- they need attention; if they wish to work efficiently- they need attention; if they wish to sustain a relationship- they need attention. More so, sometimes due to these attention grabbing techniques of theirs, they are not able to function well in a team.

While most people lose motivation after having worked on a thing for a long time, it is not so with Leo’s. Their everlasting tenacity indulges them in meaningful thinking and they accomplish all tasks within the stipulated time frame. This quality reasserts itself, also because of their stubborn nature.

If you have had a confrontation with a Leo, be sure of a negative result- there is no Leo so genteel enough so as to forgive you! Often, when debating an issue, Leo’s follow a particular mode of thinking and are unable to change it.

For them theirs has to be the final word and on all accounts- it is all that matters! Exaggeration, overreaction, confusion and annoyance dominate their life routines and their emotions widely fluctuate between these. Though the generosity in their hearts is there to stay, it is generally overridden by obstinacy.

Sometimes, if not treading the right path, a few misguided Leo’s can make a hell out of their life by living completely in the egoistical world created by them which is far away from reality. Once the reality sinks in, it might lead to depression of an extreme nature. Favorite Leo colors are Gold, Blue and Red. They must be cautious with their heart, back and thighs. The Leo birthstone is Sardonyx that clearly represents versatility and being fiery.

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