Weekly Horoscope

The 40th Week of 2020

Begins at: Monday: September 28 to Sunday: October 04

You might be feeling a particularly strong case of cabin fever, itching to get out of your home and see or experience something new and exciting around October 1 when the full moon falls in your ninth house of higher education and adventure. Whether you satiate this urge by soaking up new knowledge from books or films, or opt to take a long drive to a neighboring town you’ve never previously explored, allowing yourself to break free of your typical routine can be hugely restorative emotionally and intellectually. 

Then, connecting with friends, former colleagues, and higher-ups on projects near and dear to your heart could happen more organically while money-savvy Venus moves through your second house of income from October 2 to 27. You’ll have an extra dose of charm while negotiating and managing financial matters, which you can use to your advantage to move the ball forward on earning opportunities. 


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